Saturday, April 16, 2011

14 Deadly NCLEX Test Preparation Time Wasters and Costly Mistakes You Might Be Making

Here are 14 questions you must ask yourself or any test preparation company before you purchase any NCLEX test preparation study guide. Use the following criteria before selecting a test preparation company, test preparation class, seminar company, book, or online guides.

What makes the company qualified to produce NCLEX test preparation books or software? Did the author take the NCLEX exam? What is his/her professional background? Is s/he a professional writer hired by a large corporation to make a safe, but unfortunately generic study guide?

How many people have really passed the NCLEX exam after using the company's NCLEX test preparation materials? Does the company publish that information?

This is something you must know! Too many NCLEX test preparation companies, especially online NCLEX test preparation companies, put so much into marketing they
forget there are real people out there who have a lot on the line and need to pass their NCLEX exam.

You need real statistics so that you can select the most appropriate NCLEX test preparation materials for your needs.

Does the company keep its NCLEX review course materials up to date and current for the latest exam?
Some organizations use the same NCLEX test preparation guide from years ago even though the emphasis and design of the test has recently changed. Even the large corporate NCLEX study guides can be several years out of date.

It can take a long time to do the updates, manufacture, and then distribute newer books. Often the stores need to sell the old versions that are still in stock before ordering the latest edition.

Is there any help with strategies to overcome NCLEX test anxiety and instructions to rid yourself of test stress?

As you know, some people get so nervous and worried about the NCLEX exam that it actually hurts their ability to prepare and retain information. At test time they may "blank out" or have trouble focusing, and thus make foolish mistakes. Any good NCLEX test preparation guide must teach you how to handle test stress and anxiety.

Does the test preparation system have NCLEX practice questions?

Practice questions are a vital part of preparing you for the real exam. You should get NCLEX study guides that have practice test questions that are as close to the real NCLEX questions as possible.

If the study guide has NCLEX practice questions, how do the writers have intimate knowledge of your exam?

Do the writers actually follow the domains of the NCLEX exam closely or just provide a general guide on the subject? Do they interview NCLEX test takers who can provide insights into the exam and its content?

Does the NCLEX test preparation company publish pass rates -- or do they keep them a secret, claiming, "We are the number one review center, we are the leader, and we have the secrets?"

Think twice before taking the next step.

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