Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Increase Your NCLEX Test-Taking Peak Performance Mind Set Success by 200%

Every challenge you face, whether it's a nuclear physics exam or the one hundred meter final at the Olympic Games, is a test of what's in your head. An exam will test both the knowledge and skill that you hold, and your ability to get that knowledge out of your brain and into action.

If your mind isn't in tip-top condition when you step into the exam room, you're not going to get the results you deserve.

You create the future in advance by what you think about all day. You must convince yourself even if you don't believe it at first you'll pass. If you don't believe you'll pass
chances are you won't. This is where an NCLEX test coach can help keep you motivated and focused on success.

Here's three ways to make sure your mind is programmed for success when you need it most on the NCLEX:

Know the Material. Go Backwards - Clearly, if you know your stuff, the NCLEX exam is always going to be easier than if you guess all the way through it. But to be really at your best, it's not enough to know a bunch of facts. You want to be able to step inside the head of the NCLEX test creators to understand their methods and testing theories. Then, you'll "out think" their NCLEX test questions.

As you look at old NCLEX tests, ask yourself why the examiners choose those particular questions, why they asked them in that way and what they're trying to test. Things that have been on the NCLEX in previous exams will be on your exam in a different form because it is a standardized test. That's how, with research and examinee interviews, the NCLEX Comprehensive Success System was developed and has been so successful.

Every exam has a goal. The goal of a driving test is to make sure that you can drive safely. The goal of a math test is to make sure that you've absorbed the calculation methods. The goal of an English test is to make sure that you understand grammar and punctuation.

Understand the goal of your exam and you're halfway to cracking the code of the NCLEX.

Have an NCLEX Exam Plan - When you understand the goal of your NCLEX test, you can study with that goal in mind. When you've finished revising, you can put together a plan to see you through the exam. That plan should be simple -- but it should be something you stick to! It could be something like: don't spend more than 2 or 3 minutes per question; you can't go back and change any answers, so do your best on each one as it comes; and if you are really stumped, don't dwell on it. Give it your best guess within a minute.

Having a plan in hand to crack the exam will help you to succeed on the test and make the NCLEX less scary.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize - The NCLEX examiners have a reason for creating the exam the way they do, but you have a reason for taking it. You want to advance your career as soon as possible. The NCLEX exam is simply an obstacle that stands between you and your destination.

Understand that the NCLEX test is not "the" thing -- and that there are many things a great deal bigger -- and you'll put it into perspective. The NCLEX exam will start to look
small enough for your mind to tackle with one good whack.

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