Saturday, April 9, 2011


Use power words to communicate your abilities and accomplishments. A catchy delivery keeps these achievement-oriented words do the campaigning for you. It is important to choose words of substance and power that increase level of appearance.
Follow and check these words that work in the field of nursing or any health-related profession.

Advanced; advised; aided; arbitrated; assisted; attended; augmented; backed; balanced; boosted; braced; clarified; collaborated; comforted; consoled; consulted; contributed; counseled; demonstrated; diagnosed; encouraged; expedited; facilitated; familiarized; fostered; furthered; guided; helped; instilled; liaised; mentored; ministered; negotiated; nourished; nursed; nurtured; obliged; optimized; promoted; provided; reassured; reclaimed; rectified; redeemed; re-educated; referred; reformed; rehabilitated; repaired; represented; served; settled; supplied; supported; stabilized; streamlined; translated; treated; tutored; unified

Avoid using the same power word twice on your resume.

Press F7 if you are using Microsoft Word Office. The thesaurus will help you process more words which can give you more possibilities.

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