Friday, March 18, 2011


Plan to arrive at your Exam Center at the time your Exam Permit indicates. If you are late, regardless of the reason, you will not be admitted to the exam. By not admitting latecomers, we avoid disrupting the exam in progress and give everyone the same amount of time to take the exam.

Family and friends are not permitted in the exam room, nor are books, papers, cameras, calculators, tape recorders, cellular phones or pagers. Wear comfortable clothes and do not bring valuable items or large amounts of money to the exam. You will be given two special pencils to use, but you should bring your own eraser and pencil sharpener.

You also may bring your lunch, so you can be sure you will be back from the lunch break in time. You will not be allowed to eat or drink while the exam is in session.
When you arrive, CGFNS exam staff will ask you to sign your name on a register. Bring a passport and official government issued identification that includes your photograph.

In the exam room, please follow exactly the instructions that CGFNS staff members give you. The exam personnel and you must follow certain rules about seating arrangements and behavior during the exam. For example, staff will assign you a seat that you may not change; a staff member must accompany you if you have to leave the room; and you may not talk during the exam. No exceptions will be made to the rules. During the exam, CGFNS staff members observe all of the test takers to make sure everyone follows these instructions.

Only applicants who are officially scheduled by the authority of the CGFNS Headquarters are authorized to take the exam. Scores obtained and applications submitted by unscheduled individuals will be invalid, null and void. Re-application for a future exam and the corresponding fee will need to be submitted.

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