Saturday, March 26, 2011


Asians require touch with appropriate permission. In similar gender, it is acceptable to touch one another but not between opposite gender in public.

Arabians consider personal space and touch between the same gender, parent, and child. Holding hands and arm to arm should be between same genders only, and there is very limited touch between opposite gender in public.

Men kissing men on the parts of the face is common to Italian culture. This is even done in public since this type of intimacy suggests acceptance, friendship, and affection.

Africans signify the act of touching as a form of familiarity. Most often this is protected and held back until relationship and rapport develops.

Americans and Europeans consider close physical space and touch as a sign of intimacy. The use of touch is very common between women and public signs of affection between a man and a woman, such as kissing, is very much accepted.

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