Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here are more trivial facts listed for you.

Circumcision is performed by a Jewish “Mohel” 8 days after birth during a religious ceremony with spiritual leaders present. While the Americans, which circumcision is done right after birth.

A dead Roman Catholic client is anointed with holy oil. Shrouding is not done until sacraments are performed. Prayers are offered at the time of death. Burial, cremation and autopsy are permitted.
In Judaism, when death occurs, touching the body is not allowed for 8 to 30 minutes, and the body should be buried in 24 hours. A 7 day period of mourning called “Shiva” begins on the day of the funeral. At the home of the deceased, mirrors are covered, and waters should be emptied from standing containers. It is also avoided by looking at one’s grieving reflection. In Orthodox Jews, no autopsy or cremation is allowed, and all body parts are to be returned to the casket for burial whether if it is an appendix, finger, or uterus. Suicide is also forbidden. Flowers are not allowed at the grave instead stones are left.

The Hindus use Holy water to pour it in the mouth of the dying person. A Hindu priest is called at the time of death and may tie a thread around the neck or waist as a blessing. The eldest son arranges for the funeral and cremation within 24 hours. The family washes the body ready for cremation. Embalming is very much forbidden.

Muslim relatives and friend are present at death. Organ donation is not permitted. Men wash the body of the man, and women wash the body of the woman. Body is always positioned facing Mecca. And autopsy and cremation are forbidden.

Asians may invite mourners to the bedside to cry over the dead.

Hispanics may photograph the dead during wake and funeral.

Americans display strong denial and fear of death.

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