Friday, March 18, 2011


The exam schedule includes morning and afternoon sessions, plus a lunch break. The day will begin with morning registration, followed by Part I of the nursing exam, which contains 150 questions. Then there will be a lunch break and afternoon registration, followed by Part II of the exam which contains 110 questions. Before each part of the exam, a CGFNS staff member will give you an exam booklet containing instructions and questions. The instructions will be read aloud in English, while you read silently. The CGFNS exam supervisor will tell you when to begin working on the exam and when you must stop.
Passing The Exam
The passing score for the CGFNS Qualifying Examination is set at 400 out of 800 items in the examination.
To access your exam schedule (“roster”) information, you must:
• Go to the official CGFNS web site,
• On the first web page, locate the link “ON-LINE EXAM SCHEDULE INFORMATION,” and click on this link
• In the new window, enter your permanent CGFNS identification number
• In the “Select CGFNS CP Exam Date” drop-down box, select an exam date
• Click on the button labeled “SUBMIT”
• Your exam schedule information will be displayed. you may print this page for your records. If you are not scheduled (“rostered”) for that exam, you will be advised.
On the day of the exam, you will simply need to go to the location of your exam at the appointed time. It will no longer be necessary for you to wait for your admission permit to arrive in the mail, or to present your admission permit to CGFNS staff on the day of the exam. You must take at least one (1) form of official, government-issued photo identification (such as your passport) with you to the exam location. You will not be admitted to the exam without proper identification.
Examples of acceptable identification:
• Passport
• Professional Regulation Commission ID card
• Nursing license (if it contains your photograph)
• United States state driver’s license (not an International Drivers Permit)
Changing Exam Date or Location, Your Name or Address or Cancellation of Application
If you need to change your scheduled exam center or exam date or desires to cancel your application, CGFNS should be informed no later than 10 weeks before the exam you requested. Request should be done in writing, signed or on-line. E-mail requests for change of date, location, or name and address will not be accepted at any time. In your letter requesting any of these changes, remember to include your CGFNS ID Number and birth date.

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