Saturday, March 26, 2011

Persons of orthodox faith like Christians, Jews, and Muslims are generally more concerned about modesty than non-orthodox people. The area between the waist and the knees is extremely sensitive for most persons, thus it is recommended in hospital policy or in any clinics that same gender nurses and physicians are observed. Examinations below the waist should be approached cautiously and with explanations regarding the necessity. Try to keep genitals covered or draped whenever possible. The patient involve may have same gender parent or preferably the mother present for examinations of children unless sexual abuses are suspected. Between Orthodox Jewish men and women, they avoid touching one another. They show modesty even in presence of the same gender.

Mormons attaining adult religious status wear the garment – short sleeved, long underwear that ends just above the knee. Considering this as sacred and always worn except when taking a bath or cleansing one’s body parts.

Middle Easterners value females for their purity and modesty. Each family honor is based on this considering as the highest value. Gender segregation is observed for female patients as for female nurses and male patients as for male nurses.

Muslims obey same gender housekeepers, nurses, and doctors. Some Islamic women prefer to be clothed from head to ankle. For female patients wearing whole body garments, the nurse should undress one body part at a time.

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