Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Native Americans have a harmonious relationship with nature and the universe. Having a link with nature promotes good health, whereas illness is believed to be a cause from supernatural beings or a result from a witchcraft or black magic. Healers make potions for healing. They are very keen in using herbs to promote physical healing.
Europeans and Americans use scientific approach to provide physical proof as to how illness occurs. Proofs come in the form of germs (virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites), and to some sophisticated machineries which can provide physical evidence such as the use of genetics. Healing is given in by pills or medical surgery.

African Americans believe in supernatural forces of GOD and disharmony in relationships. Healing comes through prayer, mediation, wearing of talismans believing to ward off evil-causing-illness, and using of herbs.

Hispanics view illness as a punishment from GOD for man making acts of sin, or a result of the evil eye (mal de ojo). Healing involves a native healer (curendera) and the use of herbal potions.

Asians believe that the balance of yin and yang brings natural health, and when an imbalance occurs between the two forces this will cause an unwanted illness. Many healing comes in the form of acupuncture, herbs, cupping and burning – done by drawing blood to the surface of the skin when a warmed cup is placed on the skin. This cupping and burning technique often leaves a bruise. To them, this is also believed to draw out evil and illness in order to restore balance of the yin and yang.

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