Monday, March 14, 2011

Nursing Resume Sample

Reverse chronological format (Healthcare professional seeks advancement.)

50011 Wide Boulevard, St. Lukes, Minn 55101
Residence: 333-777-4343 Cell: 333-444-1111
PROFILE: Dedicated Nurse R.N. with over 10 years’ medical experience providing superior clinical care to broad-based patient populations. Skilled leader and team-member, able to maintain positive attitude and productive work environment. Strong interpersonal, administrative and patient/family education skills. Demonstrated ability to establish trust, emote genuine patient caring, and manage crisis situations. Highly organized and able to efficiently prioritize multiple tasks. Able to lift 100lbs.

Charge Nurse/Clinical Nurse
Med-Surg/Renal Unit, Medical Care Center, St. Lukes, Minn (dates)
• Provide specialized care for renal patients on 32-bed unit on human dialysis floor. Rotate as charge nurse, overseeing staff members (LPNs, NAs, Nurse Extenders, and Unit Secretaries)and participating in team/unit meetings.
• Conduct patient assessments, and develop, implement, and evaluate individuaized care plans. Provide appropriate care and achieve patient outcomes by combining patient involvement and education into totaol care plan. Adjust treatment plan as needed.
• Perform technical aspects of hemodialysis, assessing and documenting response to therapy. Administer medications, monitor patient progress, develop discharge plans, provide health and nutrition educations, and maintain charts and documentation.
• Key team member of unit study project to assess quality of patient care. Analyzed 12 months of patient records to review care, treatment plan, and outcome. Drafted revised policies to improve care and ensure best practices.
Staff Nurse/Charge Nurse
Medical Specialty Unit, Oakdale Rehabilitation Hospital, Oakland, Minn. (dates)
• On 28-bed subacute care unit, rotated as charge nurse. Scheduled and supervised stuff.
• Provided primary nursing care and educated patients and family. Assessed patients; developed and implemented treatment plans. Performed variety of procedures and treatments including paritometrial dialysis, ventilator care, central lines and IV therapy.
• Administered medications and monitored patient response. Maintained charts and worked with other healthcare professionals to provide total quality care.

Charge Nurse
Valley Court Convalescent Center, Ashville, Minn (dates)
• Oversaw all phases of night shift clinical care on 46-bed specialized care unit. Scheduled and supervised LPNs and Nursing Assistants.

B.S.,Nursing, College of St. Peters, School of Nursing, St. Lukes, Minn.


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