Monday, March 28, 2011

First things first, you have to gather all your equipments necessary for physical assessment. Here are some common items that you may need for physical assessment: ophthalmoscope, tuning fork, thermometer, penlight, gloves, tape measure or ruler, snellen eye chart, cotton swabs tongue depressor, safety pin, balance scale, nasal speculum, and vaginal speculum. When you have all your equipment go to your client or patient and provide him his privacy. How? Well, just bring him in a quiet and well-lit environment. Before you do anything else begin explaining your procedures to your client until he understands everything. If your guy is feeling stupor or very much unconscious, you don’t have to explain anything and begin a series of physical assessment.

Ask your guy to empty his bladder. This is to promote his comfort zone. Drape your client for privacy. As you begin your physical assessment be very sharp with your observations and try to compare what you see on his side of the body with the other side and compare with normal.

While you are doing your physical assessment skills, make use of teaching opportunities on dental care, eye exams, and self exam of breasts if the client is a she and for the testicles if your client is a he. Use appropriate piece of equipment for the entire physical assessment, then return your tools on the equipment tray.

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