Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Orthodox Jews begin their Sabbath before sundown Friday and ends after sundown Saturday. During Sabbath, work of any kind is prohibited including driving a car, using the phone, handling money, and even pushing an elevator button. The highest law demands that one must do everything to save a life. If someone cannot do something because of Sabbath, other alternative ways of accomplishing desired goal can be found. Times of prayer is important, therefore it is important to arrange a schedule with the client beforehand.
For Roman Catholics, Sunday is considered a day of obligation and requires attendance to Mass. When hospitalized, they are not required to fulfil this obligation.

In Islam, Holy days of worship extends from sunset on Thursday to sunset Friday. Some Muslims pray to Allah five times a day. Ramadan is 30 days of fasting from sun up to sundown to honour the prophet Muhammad. When praying, one must face Mecca. The patient’s bed or chair may be positioned in the Southeast direction.

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